The Lantern

The Lantern

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 16, this one took a long time, for various reasons.


Fish caught like flames of silver
rushing through the murky water
there's your legs, your hands, your arms
there's the earth, like mud, it churns

And beauty when it grew was green
it grew the picture, it grew the worm
grew the scene, oh faithful seasons
harvesting the fruits like dreams


And the lantern was the beacon
was the fire, was the colour
was the light that flickered
was the night
was all that mattered

Saw the eyes of the captured looking
alive, awake, arrived, abandoned
this body, yours, like fate, takes time
and in a cloud of dust, this all unwinds

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I love the vivid lyrics and this reminds me some of Peter, Paul, and Mary. I am happy I stopped to listen!

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Magical wordplay here in "Fish caught like flames of silver" and "harvesting the fruit like dreams." Also love the "alive, awake, arrived, abandoned" line and the overall feel of reflective melancholy. Short and bittersweet!

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akthough it is only mentioned in the bridge, i feel that lantern illumimated everything in the song.

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Such artful lyrics. I immediately visualize what you are describing. It seems like an Impressionist painting.

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concise, which is always a bonus. nice concrete imagery. nice reflection on the fleetingness of life and the moments therein.