Dan’s Retirement Day

Dan’s Retirement Day

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Liner Notes: 

Playing around with a 3 6 progression and a lyric I had written earlier.


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Dan’s Retirement Day
Guitar chords: E2 - o22xo2; A4 - xo223; B4/A - xo444o; C/A - xo555o; E/A - o999o; D2/A - xo777o; G - 32ooo3; F#- 244322; F - 133211; C - x32o1o;

Dan’s retirement day, not mine
Good for him
Got my 30 years in
I can leave on a whim
All the bills will get paid
No I don’t have to be afraid of getting
Laterally demoted (hell that already happened)
Outsourced promoted (caught me when I was nappin)

Yeah I could stay
Show up put in time for pay
Every two weeks
While I’m mentally away
Driving my electric car
Powered by our rooftop solar panels
Dreaming of a 40 kwh battery

Laura’s retirement day, not mine
Good for her
Got my 30 years in

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yes all those terms we have got to know over the last few years! should all be in the dictionary under GREED. The chords sound cool

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Great chords Andy - I liked the title as my husband's name is Dan. Reeled me right in. I like your earthy style here - another's retirement day, not yours is a great concept! It has that tongue in cheekness about it!

Neat chords, like the vocals also works well with the lyrics. Guitar sounds really neat here! I like the bitterness of "good for him".

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really nice guitar part. and the lyric tells it all. the company i worked for went out of business after 150 years when i was 58, and it was a long four years before i could get social securiy.

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Great spoken word delivery - I wasn't expecting that.
Nice guitar work here for sure.
Like @Kurtis Kanttila, I hear a bit of bitterness in this song.
Well done!