I Need To Write A Song

I Need To Write A Song

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this lyric at the end of my three week lull. I meant to record first but left the lyric at work and finally got around to recording today. I didn't realize it would be less than a minute long.


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I Need To Write A Song
Ukelele chords: D4 - o45o; Bdim7 - 45oo; Am7 - oo45; Emaj7 - o67o; Amaug/C# - 67oo; Gaugadd11 - oo67;

I need to write a song
I don’t care if its a crappy song
I don’t care if it’s a sappy song
I gotta break out of this slump

I need to write a song
I don’t care if it’s a bad song
I don’t care if it’s a sad song
I gotta get my brain to dump

I’m stuck in endless critique
writing about sustainability belief
But Joe is just an ignorant thief
Shocking my amigdala

I need to write a song
Something mundane about solar panels
Something inane about electric vehicles
With a kick drum thump

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that was cute. why do those uke chords sound differently voiced than the same chords on the guitar? or am i losing my pitch sensor?

uke is great for breaking the drought well done. I will share a secret, i nearly always write my first cut of songs on a Uke shhhh! you love ya solar panels!

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I was just listening to White Stripes, and now because of the last line about the drum thump I can imagine a guitar/percussion version of this song.
Cool chords, as usual. You got a good song out of writing something quick and simple. Looks like you're out of the slump now!