The Visit

The Visit

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once , in the glacial midnight
i opened my door
and was flooded with warm life

something happens
so unepected
so improbable
that we call it a miracle

even as the ice becomes blacker
even as the iblack turns to ice
i expect to see the sun

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Very nice melancholia with some gorgeous lines in "the glacial midnight" and "as the black turns to ice." I didn't know they had ice in Peru! I like the hopefulness of the last line and the restrained approach to the guitar and vocal.

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Wow, I have a feeling there's a story behind this. Beautifully dramatic song, full of very powerful imagery. Wonderful.

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Such an atmospheric one Bill, with plenty of space for the imagination. As always, impressed by your vocal delivery.

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Oooh darkness, light, and mystery. Profound and got me thinking.

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I like the minimalist nature of this song--there's so much packed into the delicate guitar and trembling vocals, lovely optimism in the lyrics. The end was unexpected, which I liked.

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glacial midnight/warm life--that's a good one. The opening of a door at midnight often prefigures some sort of danger--so this was a pleasant surprise. Cool guitar, like a bluesy sitar. I love how you leave us there, hopefully, amidst the black ice

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enjoyed the slow psychedelic flow of the piece as it leads you from arriving and departing at the same time. I just can't find where you've hidden the musicologist's orgasm.