Spicy Sausage

Spicy Sausage

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Liner Notes: 

Sometime back in the 90s, me and my cuz used to make up stupid nonsensical sayings and record them onto the computer for fun...
"Don't you eat no spicy sausage on an empty stomach; it's gon' mess you up." was one such nonsensical saying I blurted out, one that has lived on and is still uttered today in the family.
I just said it a couple weeks ago so I made a song for it after all these years.
(fun fact: i used this same sound byte in a different song on here, all chopped up and stuff lol)


"I think the most important bit of advice that I've ever been given is...to make sure that I don't eat spicy sausages, uhm...on an empty stomach. Or else it will mess me up."

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How can I not check out a song with this title? Smile Cool sounds!

whack straight in with the driving beat. Nice build drop and then build again for the finish - well constructed- and some good advice!!!

Pretty much man's finest advice. Now set to music. Cool track, nice groove and instrumentation. A lot of cool details and touches throughout.

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This is soo cool! Love Love the background vocal. The recording is full of awesomely panned goodness!

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Your production skills are dope. So many interesting elements - the vocal percussion, the choral bit, the start-stop bits of the rhythm. Not a genre I usually listen to, but it's eye-(er, ear?) -opening!

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Love the distant strings that come in, and the pads here and there. Great sounds, nice production, and a wise theme.

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Wow, great sounds here.
Awesome headphone mix.
Really nice work!

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Can't resist a song called "Spicy Sausage"! This really does sound like a professional recording ... excellent job with combining all the various moving parts. I particularly like the way the strings swoop in and out. Enjoyed!

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Haha! This was great! Lots of fun wrapped up in this one! Smile