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Liner Notes: 

oy...took me an hour and a half Sad
oh well.
I had trouble with the lyrics and getting the feel I wanted out of my voice synth - that thing can be really finnicky.
Anyway, this is kinda personal as I'm always left wanting to go somewhere outside these walls, but can't really think of where to go or what to do or who with.
Especially on the weekends, as most people are out and about...but I'm here. I wanna get out there but my introvert junk gets in the way and I just end up watching the light fade away from the window (boy, should've stuck that verse in there somewhere!).
Anyway, it came electro/dancy/ bam.
I didn't have enough time to give a proper second verse and another chorus Sad


I need to go somewhere
But I just don't know where
Don't wanna just sit here
I need to get there

Just think of what's out there
All people just out there
Out there breathing that fresh air
Yeah I gotta get out there

I need to go somewhere
Somewhere that's not here
Oh yeah I need to go somewhere
Far away from everywhere

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Love it! EDM goodness, and the lyrics are something I can relate to. I often find myself standing around in the house, thinking, "Hey, I should go do something..." and then having no idea what the hell to do. So yeah - I could definitely relate to this. Oh! And don't worry about the vocal effect. I liked it. Smile

i love how your songs just smash in - im getting prepared now Smile all round a darned good song. what i call a hit song!

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I really like the beat and pump of the music track; full of energy and optimism, it helps push the longing of the lyrics into a real positive vibe. Very enjoyable, toe-tappable listen, well-suited for the dancefloor.

The vocals sounded pretty darn cool - is that Vocaloid (which I recently got and am just starting to experiment with), or something else?

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Nice tune with good production, especially the chorus is quite catchy. Did you Vocaloid to make the vocals?

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Really like this - Glad to have the lyrics, because I wish the the words were clearer.

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Nice! I need some time with the virtual vocals but find the tune quite catchy. Interesting concept