aging ain't for sissies

aging ain't for sissies

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Liner Notes: 

finally, a feast! i usually wait at least a few hours if lyrics come fast and furious, as it leads to more comments to guide me, but i'm so happy my muse is back to form, i have to share NOW! seems six hours between painkillers, at half the amount as in the hospital, is the breaking point for freeing the fleetness of my construction. about time, is all i can say.

a huge shoutout to dylan thomas in the third (half) verse.


(c) 08.12.2018 time and ink

verse 1

we look forward to our golden years
to when we have the time
to do all those things we put off
while dashing through our prime

we make a list of things to do
while we are too busy
be careful what you plan on, though
'cause aging ain't for sissies.

aging-- it ain't for sissies--
it's real and it's here and it's now.
no, aging ain't for sissies
all those life skills end in a scowl.
aging ain't for sissies.

verse 2

yet as we approach our curtain call
we feel the drag of age
and wonder what the future holds
as we approach that stage

we watch ourselves lose drive and steam
as our clarity grows misty
and now crave sleep where once we dreamed
'cause aging ain't for sissies.


verse 3 (HALF)

rage, rage against the dying light
spin your tale til you're dizzy
and go not gentle into that good night
no, aging ain't for sissies.


------------------> SOLO


so live life loud and live life strong
shout your tale now, don't take too long
do all that you can bear til you grow grizzly
'cause aging, it cares not--
aging ain't for sissies.


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This is really good and gosh can I relate! I wrote that little song Get Used to it-about aging. Great flow!

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omg, this is awesome and humorous but dead-on sage advice too. The poetry and the timing and tone are all working together. Love the borrowing of verse also that shifts it into the mood of the final verse of sharing wisdom gained and encouraging others to heed the warning.

welcome to my world Smile very very well crafted lyrics. aint it true

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Truth. When I first read at 14 (in Asimov!) "Come grow old with me/The best is yet to be/The last in life, for which the first was made!" I thought it was bullshit. Now I know it is. And your lyric is spot on. I'm sure the sissies crumple and give up and die.