Everything is Possible in Your Dream

Everything is Possible in Your Dream

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Liner Notes: 

Everything is possible in dreams... Thank you for listening, commenting, sharing your thoughts and ideas. If you are interested in collaborating please let me know.
After reading the comments and listening again I think it sounds like a fairground music, perhaps carousel. Didn't feel it at all when was composing...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh yeah, so great!
I like the tension you get going here.
I also like the demented pipe organ synth(?).
Kind of a circus feel here.
I really enjoyed this, thanks!

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Intriguing and enjoyable track. Something about that organ sound makes me think of Philip Glass. To me, this feels quite dark and mysterious. The first chord change at the start of the second section is really nice and unusual.

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Really like the tonality of this piece a lot-- I also enjoy the feelings it gives me; unexpected yet delightful!

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Yeah, definitely hearing the circus-song qualities in some places. Interesting mix of dreaminess and waking wonder. Another great track. Keep 'em coming! Biggrin

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The title is right down my line. I;Give it another listen and see if I get anything- Interesting