It Must Be Somewhere ('Cause It Sure Ain't Here)

It Must Be Somewhere ('Cause It Sure Ain't Here)

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Liner Notes: 

Add a band, a verse, some hot guitar and it might be a tune. I'm a little under the weather today so a minute somethin' is all you get.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


It Must Be Somewhere ('Cause It Sure Ain't Here)

Have you ever had one of those days
When somethin' that you put away
Has gone a missin'
And you can't find it?
And now you're just beside yourself
You looked in every drawer and shelf
In the cushions of the sofa
And right behind it

Can't figure what you've overlooked
Must be in some hidden nook
Worried 'bout the time it took
And you just have to say...

It must be somewhere
Spent all day lookin for it high and low
It's somewhere
If I could just figure out where it goes
Maybe I just gave it a toss
But I don't want to take the loss
It must be somewhere
'Cause it sure ain't here

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Lovely take on skirmish, very imaginative. So lovely to listen to your song.

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Well I think we can all relate to this! Great take on the prompt! Strong hook to end that great chorus!

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I like the verse structure, the whole arrangement, really. It's cool that you added hand percussion, it's a tasty touch. Catchy chorus, too. And who hasn't felt this way? I know I have on a regular basis.

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So relateable! I need to download this song to play at least once or twice a week. Biggrin Swell guitar, fun lyrics, and vocals full of character: it's an all-around terrific skirmish effort!

excellent song! i love the percussion. i have it all here but struggle where to use it... clearly you dont very nice