The Lights Of Home_Looking for a singer

The Lights Of Home_Looking for a singer

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by Nadias :Irreversible Decision *32941
Still tweaking a bit?
Nadia here:
Our collaboration is almost ready. We are in need of a singer. I have a voice guide with the instrumental backing just to give an idea of how the lyrics are conencting with the music. Please kindly let us know if you are happy to sing our song.


The Lights Of Home

from all that I have known
Will I Ever, ever see again
The lights of home

They fade to the horizon
One by one they're blinking out
And I'm left here wondering
Lost and full of doubt

At night I dream of home folks
But the vision fades to black
I know in my heart of hearts
I never can go back

Away, away
from all that I have known
Will I Ever, ever see again
The lights of home

Maybe in the future
When my days have all run out
I'll be reunited
With what I'm leaving now

from all that I have known
Will I Ever, ever see again
The lights of home

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Leaves an ache in me, and an appreciation for the courage it takes to live one's life sometimes. Applicable to varied circumstances because of the openness you've written it with, which leaves us free to insert our own stories and take the emotional journey. I like the repeated words a lot. Well done!

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Hello Wyatt, good to see your lyrics again, hope you're well. This is lovely, has the feel of old style of folk song, as the narrator wonders if they'll lights of home again, which is beautifully evocative phrase.

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Hi Wy, your lyrics are gorgeous and I feel absolutely perfectly connecting with Ireversible decision is you are happy to have them connected with my music. I guess what I am asking is this: are you happy to collaborate with me? Please let me know of your thoughts. If you have other ideas no worries, I thought I should ask Smile

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This has a timeless quality to it. Very melancholy. I'm glad to see you back this year. It's always a pleasure to read your lyrics.

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So I played Nadia's piano piece as I read the lyrics and Wy, I think you have captured the mood of the music and written a thoughtful story. It'll be cool to hear them together with a singer adding emotion, etc. I like how the lyric leaves us to wonder what happens....makes us think and reflect. Nice one!

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This is amazing, so emotional, love the repeating words, this is a gem.

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Thanks on- Lights- Tams--good to see you