Maurice On The Beach

Maurice On The Beach

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Liner Notes: 

After seeing the #newgenre challenge thread, I figured oh why the hell not. So off to synth land I went and decided to do something with sax and violins. It actually ended up being omre cello than violin, but anyway Miuz (she gets pissed if I spell her name wrong) as she usually does, has a mind of her own and gives this, whatever it is, a calypso vibe. Oh she says. Did you say vibes? Yeah get some. So I added that too. By the time I get done and start to play it back, not only has this calypso thing come to life, but there are hints of Ravel's Bolero in a spot or too.

OK, Calypso? Never did that before. Ravel? That's classical. Never did that, but this isn't classical. Wait a minute, I've been a FAWMer since the days of strangle disco. Hmm... never did that either. I'm going to use that one too.


(don't think so)

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Ooh, this is so nice!
I like the throbbing bass line.
And those tentative synth lines!
I can imagine this as a dance tune, although I'm not sure what kind of dance someone would do to it...
I really like this a lot.
Well done; a winner!!

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Yes! I like this.
Maybe the music for a scene on a not really crowded beach where the camera follows Maurice prancing from group to group without really interacting with any of them