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Liner Notes: 

I heard these words come, after listening to Nadia's gorgeous music. Nadia's original instrumental music can be found here: *30420


Turning her head to take
a parting glance
at the man who was
not yet twenty three
Going down to take
his rightful place
at the space
between land and sea

Her eyes followed
the sensuous curves
of that great river
lying beyond where
there floated a vessel magnificent
that he would soon
call home

For all who feel
drawn to the sea
it is a passage
of belief

and alone on the deck
there is not a sound
and all around
nothing moves


And alone on the deck
there is not a sound
and all around
nothing moves
no canoes
on the water
no bird in the air
no cloud in the sky

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The music has a regal, anthemic feel, very dramatic and entrancingly cinematic. And flowing from that musical backdrop, the words have an appropriately monumental feel as well. The vocals throughout have a theatrical power, and the first "alone on the deck" portion in particular soar with drama. The music and words come together here to make a track that feels both intimate and epic (albeit an epic that's only 2 minutes long!).

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I agree the drama and and cinematic feel is so palpable. The melody and lyrics are really gorgeous. Your vocal delivery is great!

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"a vessel magnificent" -- that is such a splendid moment in this song! I'm happy you shared what Nadia's piece evoked; it's a world I have no experience of and this was a beautiful portrait of the impact and the grandeur. Almost a monastic life, in a sense. Beautifully done.

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These lyrics suit the music perfectly! I like the setting of the sea and the title, "Outbound" is filled with meaning. There's a dramatic flair to the music that lends itself to this kind of story. Well done collab!

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I find it so hard to match words with existing music so this really impresses me. The music is lovely, and I enjoyed the sea story.

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Impressive how it sounds like the lyrics were written first. That's not to say I really like the music for they lead the way to that beautiful vocal melody. Great!

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Wow...big start! Big vocal! This should be in a musical! Wow.