Electricity, I Like Living

Electricity, I Like Living

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Liner Notes: 

I'm about a dozen songs behind the pace to get to 50 by October 1. Clearly I haven't written enough crappy songs. This one sets about to change that. The prompt is 'Electric' in the Song Skirmish Facebook Group. I meant to start and play throughout the The E C riff on my Gretsch hollowbody electric connected through my little acoustic amp and recorded with a USB condenser mic. That ended up in the longer parts. In the midst of recording the rhythm track I felt like doing the other jumpabout chords with a moving A shape. Then for the vocal track I just blurted whatever sentences ending in a rhyme (sort of) that came to mind. Written and recorded in about 30 minutes. Oh well. FAWM/5090 on!


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Electricity, I Like Living

Electricity, will there be enough for me
Electricity, I want it to be clean
Electricity, power my car so clean
Electricity, I like living green
Electricity, I’ll install solar solar panels
It’ll be so flannel
Electricity, just call the man
Electricity, do it while we can

How far can you drive in that electric car
How many miles how many hours

Electricity, I like living green
Electricity, I want it my power to be clean
Electricity, where is it not seen
Electricity, why is it so lean
I like electricity,
I like electricity
it gives me
Room to be

And green

Electricity, is there be enough for me
Electricity, coal elasticity
Electricity, can it just be be
Electricity, I wanna just be free
Electricity, I like living free
power chargers
Electricity, public charging stations
Electricity, what’s the cost it’s

But not for
you see
I don’t have the cable
To connect

Electricity, I like living clean
Electricity, I like living green
Electricity, I like living clean

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I like how focused and precise and "clean" this is - it's simplh the drum loop, some guitar, and vocal meanderings on the theme, all of which comes together to be quite hypnotic and pleasant. I enjoyed my listen; nothing to be ashamed of here!

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"It will be so flannel." That lyric really amused me. I also like that D D# E progression you have in there.

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You know, I was a teacher in my last life, and I remember asking students "What is one technology you couldn't live without?" and without fail they said their cellphones. I always said "What about ELECTRICITY???" but they never seemed to understand what I was talking about. I guess it's like that old saying, "like a fish in water"; electricity is omnipresent, and they didn't ever seem to even notice that their entire lives were based on it.
I'm not sure what I'm saying here, except that there certainly needs to be more songs about electricity.
So thank you.
Great song, by the way.