Irreversible decision

Irreversible decision

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Liner Notes: 

Working title. Music is open to interpretations/suggestions/. Thank you for listening.
Collaboration with Wy will be posted later.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice Nadia It brought me pictures of a person leaving his native land on a sailing ship, looking back wisftully

Very nice Nadia - great title as well! extraordinarily i saw almost exactly what Wyatt saw and i didnt see the comments until after i had heard it!

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Loving the mix of piano and organ. Sounds like something I should try myself at some point! It sounded great. Smile

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OK--I wrote something from irreversible decisions
JUst from the feeling. I havetrouble following anyonesmusic. Thanks for the inspiration

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I just commented on Wy's lyric, Nadia, and what I did was play your music along with the words. He's taken the feeling in your music and written a very reflective lyric! Your music has a good mix of instruments in this one, adding to the emotion. I hope to hear this with Wy's words!