Hey Now

Hey Now

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Liner Notes: 

its late (early?) and i got the big keyboard out instead of my little LPK25.
I dunno, was "feelin' it".
This morphed into something...else.
Herbie, Joe, George, Grover...

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What a wonderful laid back groove and happy vibe. I love the interplay of the riffs. Cool bass line and I like the organ and synth sections. Cool change ups as the song evolves - has a wonderful organic feeling build. Loved my listen!

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I appear to have gotten some free-floating funk on me... Could you hand me a tissue? Biggrin

Seriously, this is a funky-arse song! I like it! Hooray for the big keyboard! Biggrin The part around the 2:20 mark is especially awesome... Sounds like you had a lot of fun messing with the sounds. Tell me - were you using samples and messing about in real-time, or was this mostly an in-the-box endeavour? Curious minds would like to know. Smile

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Exciting instrumental. I really like how it grows from the first chords. It's funky and atmospheric. Sounds like you had fun and it gives the listener fun feeling to listen to your song. Loving the choice of instruments. Very cool and hypnotic composition, a pleasure to listen to.

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Smoothly relaxed but still interesting and cool to listen to. Diggin' the lead lines at around 2:30.

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Relaxed and groovy, you keep it interesting throughout. Makes me think Snarky Puppy in their most chilled out moments.

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Really jazzy and mellow and reminiscent of the best of the 70s. Love the squiggly keys at around the 3:00 mark!

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Oh yeah, those extended soul chords and funky keyboard sounds are my jam. Wonderful groove. I like the spare, wordless vocals, the hand-claps and very cool soloing.