Never Did, Never Will

Never Did, Never Will

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Liner Notes: 

talk while they can still hear
no samples could say what i was feeling when i made this, so i tried to just do it myself. like i said before, i am not a singer. but i just wanted to do this myself.


You asked me to just
Tell you how I feel
And I never did
And I never will

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A hypnotic arrangement with the repeated lyrics and the layers of strings and beats. Cutting back at 2:30 then building up the wall of strings works really well. And you sing (in tune!) - you're a singer!

Very nice piece of music and the gentle layered lyrics work well. builds beautifully at the end!

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The slow-build here is very nice, the stately - and sorrowful - lyrical refrain washing over the listener with the deliberate pulse of the percussion and swell of the strings. It all adds up to a genuinely touching reflection on loss, and not acting while there is time to do so. A lot is said here, not just in the well-chosen words, but in the emotion of the music througout.