Endless December

Endless December

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Liner Notes: 

This set of lyrics came from using the LyriCloud generator. I took two random sets and got these words:

bite cool creamy cruel december destroys footprints frost gesture gloomy holed lousy midwinter performed possession renewed repulse stilled timeless whigs world wright

actress awaited beast bit calmness change deceiver defy destined detach dreams eldest evasion exit eye fatal go lies mache morbid noise pit protestants simply straight virtue

I didn't quite use all of them, and I'm not entirely sure the song is cohesive or even understandable, but, it was a fun distraction nonetheless.


There’s frost in your eyes,
A cool actress in disguise,
Full of fatal little lies,
Renewed anger alive
Timeless dreams fall to dust,
The cruel December wakes you,
Full of hate to combust,
Ready to break through

There’s a beast inside your midwinter nights,
Possessed with simple rage, straight to the knife,
Resistant to change and destined to fight,
Collapsing hole in your detached life

Destroy the footprints and bite the storm,
You perform the gestures, exit with noise,
No type of assistance will make you transform,
Persistence will not improve your poise

Morbid virtues are received ahead,
The calm deceives the passage of time,
Stilled while you fight,
The bitter cold of your minds night,
Awaiting change,
Go defy and disarrange

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I love this, I can almost hear a red hot chili peppers kind of sound.

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Strong compelling lyrics. I'm especially drawn to the images and the metaphors. This has such wonderful potential. Chorus is awesome!

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Great rhyming here (I love me some assonance) and myriad vivid images here. Frost in your eyes, bite the storm...really strong writing.

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Agree with all above - the metaphors are killer!