Write Your Dreams

Write Your Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

I could'nt resist the temptation to give @crisp1's lyrics a folky costume. Since the tune is so short I used lots of instruments: 2 different guitars, cavaquinho, tin whistle, cavaquinho, uke bass and even Frau Y. makes an appearance on accordion.

Doug: Stephan came up with a beautiful little melody and this production just makes it a sonic feast. Love it!


Write your dreams in the dust
And the wind will blow them away
Write your dreams in the clouds
And they will fall like the rain

Write your dreams on the waves
And they’ll soon be high and dry
Write your dreams in the flames
They’ll rise like smoke to the sky

Write your dreams in my heart
And I’ll help make them come true
And I know all this because…
My only dream is you

Write your dreams in the dust
Write your dreams in the clouds
Write your dreams on the waves
Write your dreams in my heart

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Toe-tapping excellence, and the variety of instruments and textures works well with the inspirational, romantic lyrics. This is not just folky, but almost has a "Renaissance" feel to it which I really like; I can see a bard playing this for a noblewoman on the castle grounds. Very tuneful, very fun, very effective collaboration!

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i second OdilonGreen. i can hear one of those english post traditional folk rock groups like pentangle or fairport convention covering this. a truly excellent collab and production/performance.

Great collab, nice arraignment and sound with a solid beat and guitar. I like how the lyrics are written with the repetition, makes for a catchy tune!

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Not only toe-tapping, but also head-bopping - right from the start! I had barely even registered that the music had started before I found myself tapping and bopping at great speed. Absolutely amazing! Definitely a keeper! Biggrin

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The lyrics are great, very persuasive (and poetic) in the way they make their case. Song beautifully performed. It sounds great as a folk style song, but the lyrics are so perfectly constructed, it could be any type of song.

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Brilliant lyrics and music. Enjoyed the folk atmosphere so much. Beautiful song and collaboration.

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Fantastic hook and wonderful feel. Great vocals and folk melody. Write your dreams in my heart is such a lovely warm line.

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What a great pairing! Really great interpretation of the lyrics. This is a toe-tapping tune!

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Wow. I'm a huge Fairport Convention fan, so this really hit the spot for me. Love the folky melody and the mix of unusual instruments. Reminds me of Lindisfarne's "Meet Me on the Corner." Lyrics masterful as well ... the repetition of the title works very well. A real toe tapper!

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Film, commercials, on an album...
This fits any/everywhere.
The lyrics...I sincerely love them.
Well done instrumentation and vocals, too.

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This is rather lovely. Feels like it's an old standard rather than something brand new. It's got a timeless feel to it and I totally get the comparisons with Fairport Convention. Wonderful stuff!

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I especially like the line "Write your dreams in the clouds and they will fall like the rain'. Nice accordion!

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Great imagery in the lyrics, Dough! I dig the instrumentation Stephan used. Smile

§ Roel