We've Updated Our Privacy Policy

We've Updated Our Privacy Policy

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Liner Notes: 

A paean to the General Data Protection Regulations, a.k.a. GDPR, and the myriad weaselly ways in which companies have contrived to sidestep the requirement to stop tracking and spamming people.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Honestly, I came to listen to it because of the title. I'm glad I did. It's a great tune! Smile

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Terrific almost 80s-ish melodic pop-metal vibe. The title is evocative, and the music itself soars and rocks; a splendid listen!

Yup its a great tune. The while song is holding well snd tgat kead guitar over the top takes it right up there. Great!

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Nice, rocking tune. And yes, definitely a good title. I was expecting lyrics with a title like that, but it's fine without. As I said, this one has a good rock energy to it. Nice one! Biggrin

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Great title backed up by a rokkin' great tune.
"Lots of guitars" is right, and it's awesome.
Lovely headphone mix, much appreciated.
Great geetar workout - tasteful and well constructed solos throughout.
Really nice job, Chris!

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Huh, I thought I already had commented this one?
Lots of Satriani style goodness, read: solid rhythm work, topped by a beautifil melody-guitar

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So annoying to read the privacy updates and having to accept or reject. I like your instrumental track, it's full of energy. It could work in different settings including a protest song. Very cool playing. Dynamic and fresh.