Loop based track III

Loop based track III

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Loop based track III

Liner Notes: 

The music was created using loops from the website Looperman, assembled on Sony ACID Music Studio 9.0.

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I listened to this earlier, but couldn't work out what to say in a comment, that time it was with proper speakers, and I could hear the panning, this time I'm listening on laptop speakers, so I can't hear the panning. Both times it sounds quite different, the energy of the track feels more focused, and less spread out,. Sounds good.

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And I'm listening on headphones, where I can absolutely hear the panning. Definitely an interesting effect! To have the distorted guitar only in the left speaker... I don't think I've come across that before, but it works, y'know?

The song itself has a great energy to it. Playful, moody, creative... Yep, definitely a great energy. Well done! Biggrin (PS. I love that little bit of bass at the end. Adds so much personality to the song. Biggrin )