Waiting is Frustrating

Waiting is Frustrating

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Liner Notes: 

Another instrumental. I'm always happy to collaborate. Just ask. I'm sure it will be easier to add vocals/ other instruments if I played in time, I tried to do it in step by step entry but got fed up and just recorded it in my floating speed... Anyway, thank you as always for comments, sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

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I prefer floating speed myself, too. Adds dynamics to the song, if you ask me. This is a nice piece! Both hands are working together to create an interesting feel. Sometimes one hand takes over, sometimes the other... But it's all done to balance the highs and lows and create a full-sounding piece, even if it's just 1 instrument. Nicely done! Biggrin

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I like to think of this song as the passing of time, and since you go many (unexpected) places it would be the passing of time in different places. This is really playful. Enjoyed my listen!