Planetary Alignment

Planetary Alignment

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Liner Notes: 

I produced this song for Songwriting & Recording Challenge #28. The required lyrics were "Wisdom or Truth" with an optional theme of planets.

I finished my song. I've been experimenting with a lot of EDM styles lately so I knew I wanted to go that route with the music. I decide to combine ambient and liquid drum & bass styles together for a unique blend of sounds that to me make a nice spacescape soundtrack. The required lyrics kind of threw me for a loop at first but then I came up with this idea of enlightenment by planetary alignment and wrote a paragraph about it which became the lyrics for the song.


Since the beginning of time man has looked to the sky for answers asking for wisdom from the Gods and truth from the planets.
About every 3400 years the planets come into alignment. During this time there is a convergence of wisdom and truth.
A brief time period where mankind can gain enlightenment from the heavens and make great advances in philosophy, psychology, astrology and science.
Until this time of planetary alignment one can only advance in one realm or the other.
Which will you choose? Wisdom or truth?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very cool! I am fascinated with all this stuff-space, philosophy-all of it. This has such a great feel to it!

Very good. Youve really got the hang of this. Very professional piece of music! On an interesting topic

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Nice song! The spoken word vocals felt natural in this piece - electronic enough to make the vocals sit half submerged under the music. Definitely works well! Anyway, I really liked this song. The music itself was engaging without being too over-the-top. The sort of music I'd listen to while puzzling over an issue of importance to me. Nice one! Biggrin

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I liked the title, so clicked on it. Planets are aligned all the time, aren't they, depending on what axis you're looking at? Nice vibe, cool feel. I like the vocoder vocals. Nice contrasts and groove. Kind of a cool juxtaposition, the lyric is about human wisdom and truth delivered in a robotic voice. My gut reaction is wisdom is deeper than truth. Simple, small, truths can be used to harm people and set up false dichotomies.

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Interesting point of view. I see it more as truth can not be altered. What is true cannot be false. However wisdom can be used for good or bad and to manipulate or deceive others.