LEO Blue

LEO Blue

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Liner Notes: 

-- After feedback-comment as lyric only, -- this is a first pass. (And, possibly, "it"... I'm not a fan of "recording-recording"... ) It is the track for the lyric only above.

For me, it still has to work as 1v1g type song, or won't be able to play it (never played) since I'm not on David Gilmour's budget, which is what ~4 guitars, electrically orchestrated and etc., may take... Crazy

=== === === === === ===
Other if care to read it:

-- Anyway, what I found interesting was when I "went back", (after the initial one-take, --I would go back cold and just "re-jam" over the 1v1g and etc.), -- even from a 1st rev, the very "same" stuff (+-) came out. (For me, this was hilarious, almost to the "bar", same stuff coming out... -- it's not like I memorized a self jam.)
----That leads me to believe "stuff" (lyric) comes to you and has a package for it too, --if you-- are to "do it". Otherwise, someone else needs to be engaged in some form; which explains the dynamics of a "band" and all being indispensable, -- song effect/affect.

- I left lots of "room" for prolific drum-kit and etc. Crazy (so fill in the head-holes yourself)

- I had a very ambiguous "film-loop" running in my head-space for this... so if ever "sync'd" ... plenty of room for "posers" Lol w/long far away looks Crazy

- All instruments, bass, elec-guitars are direct into the mixing board, -- God I'm lazy, aye! Funny how they sound direct in, the P-90's seemed best to me.

- And, I am, as some may have picked up, (trying to change out of "format" writing), deliberately building tension (or irritation Smile hahhh)... by "tapping the brakes" full length, -- wind up a bit, then never hit the gas, so to speak. Also as any leo will tell you, --it's a hurry up and wait job, and goes from 0 - 100 in a sec... so had that in mind. So, far away lo-z guitar moans mixed with bullet shots ... to wake you up? I sing the words, not to much as spoken since really wanted to avoid any cliche-ish-ness. If you need "translations", ceramic jewels are teeth! Wink Going literal would be cliche, right!?

- So, it may be "to long", or just the "intro" to an 11 - 12 min "stadium only" track to which no one can even think of dancing too... Crazy (I guess one could dance to "Machine Gum", "Star Spangled Banner", "Stairway to Heaven" -- if high enough... Wink )

- Oh, and this is what I "hate" about making a "recording" of any kind versus, just a framing out demo... (which this is... would have to back out the "parts" if ever "banded" with it Smile ) ... anyway what I hate... ---- when exporting to 16 bit wav... it does NOT hold together, sound as when a native resident file on the Unix PC w/Audacity. Moreover, if then go to non-studio monitor headphones (HP's) ... which all tend to get muddy add bass and squash mid-range... -- I had to go back and push, (at least), db - levels up, so then not squashed or homogenised however the WAV export may be handled. So, the "revs" are just db + redo's ~3 I believe.
--- Could "you" hear it? Yeah, I thought so or would not have bothered for any kind of "vanity" sake... just wanted the sonic-mash up half-assiedly represented Crazy (I was kinda shocked at how badly the wav export handled ceratin Hz's... but, it does say it's "mixing" to xyz stereo-channel and etc. ... I guess I may look into that for hints, output expectations within ranges. Eh, --no... not an audio-engineer Smile )

Anyway, other other:
- I used the very first and only 1v1g one-take for this which if played solo would sound weird, and very rough, -- but, in all the "holes", space... I could hear the other stuff, and now even the drums to some degree. It is so formless, it could very easily fall apart and barely holds itself together now. However, when trying to get "formless", falsely change keys to some degree, change tempo but not... well, this is what :i: get. I hope it makes some sense, it seems to, --to me! Music 2

At the end, it's kind of a false ending, which I've somewhat heard long ago when this kind of music was "popular"... and now see, -- they were being as esoteric and self indulgent and arbitrary as I am now... you kind of have to... and then see how it may hold together... it ain'g ABAB Smile
(Oh and the last beat, end, -- on "blue"... was one of those chord hits... I could not get it up db+ enough w/o electronic track distortion... so left it there. Again, not super important, but a new to me observation I never noticed previously in this context. But too, I hope on what you listen, it does not shoot your HP's off... how would I know...)


Dm Am
Living off rain, then snow...
Dm Am
My brain......, it wobbles slow...
G / Dm
As I stare down, dark-gun-metal blue glow
G Dm
I remember stark lights..., killings..., and I'll pray for you slow

Dm Dm
Like animals caged..., and never fed
Am Am
Last call could set..., set it all in red
G Dm
Pool sticks swung like great... tree, bran - ches
G Dm
Hitting racks... of fruit bas - kets, [spraying] ceramic jewels... bled

F Am
I felt stranded..., in life's a revolu - tion
Dm C
Carrying pails of life..., like water..., only thick blood
C Dm
Ass, money and power..., with no last meal comes the flood,

Fight, feed and sleep..., we confused little sheep
C Dm
Dodge and burn always makes a better heap
G F G Dm
No matter how... well life... focused,it would all blur rinse repeat
C Dm
Memories can't count, in the land of life's cheap

No, memories don't count, since never happened until bound
So you can't prove to anyone you ever took that trip... down
But the ones who love you, they can and do see
If you're lucky they remind you, to not water those seeds

G Dm
I always wondered who'd I be, if lived long enough, to just find me
Am C Dm
I'm a little surprised but glad to see, the rows I've ploughed, with plenty to feed
And I can say well..., aloud..., I've got a good life wife now
She lays down life daily colors of purple pink [green] and blue,
Am C
No argument no strife, all things made right
C Dm
She's red..., with white and blue

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love what you did with it. it is epic! the singing is terrific. i especially like you how come down hard on some of the end rhymes, especially when the bass is there with you. the guitar overdubs give you that guitar god arena ambience. all you need now are the drums. real drums.

I loved the lyrics when you posted them. My only disapointment was when it finished. It is Epic. Its like a good painting you keep having another look and see sonething else! So much going on. Big thumbs up here!

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meditative feel to the vocal melody with the instrumentation. a vaguely mark knopfleresque vocal delivery. keep it up!

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Very powerful lyrics, and the guitar and vocals create the mood so well. I can hear this with a full band behind it, but I think the intimacy of less instruments is very effective.

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Feels like a lost Floyd song in so many ways... nice job, sir.

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Love the guitar here. Every riff is placed perfectly, and hits my ears quite sweetly. It all stays in this hazy little pocket of blues, right where it should be for lyrics like these. You story-tell so effortlessly it seems.
Again, this whole vibe is just like blues candy and the kind that isn't too sweet or overpowering. You hit those riffs right when the ear wants more of them.

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Very beautiful, powerful, epic song. Love your lyrics, music, soaring vocals and instrumentation. Fantastic song and demo. Very hypnotic and visual.