It's Getting Later

It's Getting Later

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 15. I don't really know about this, it just sort of appeared. I quite like having less lyrics though, they take less time to type out. I might try it again.


World is older than it was once
days that I survived will fade once
the jewels of the sun's light move
like the honest child of feathered wings
that fly, like faith across the sky

And it's been a long time
yeah, it's been a long time
and it's getting later
even as the day begins

Wrapped around her shoulders once
was the cloak of everything once
it had been held, and couldn't move
and I saw you test your wings
and you fell into the arms of the sky

And I never knew you couldn't fly
yeah, I never knew you couldn't fly

And it's been a long time
yeah it's been a long time
and it's getting later
yeah, it's getting later
although the day has just begun

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I like that guitar - very Britfolkey! Love the idea of "the cloak of everything" and "the arms of the sky." The "I never knew you couldn't fly" is a particularly moving line. Made me think!

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your wriing is tending toward a pop song structure. i quite like the lyrical density of earlier songs, but this new style may well carry a more immediate impact, witht the repeated lines of the chorus a very present reminder of what the song is about.

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This was lovely. There are some really charming turns of phrase.

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I love that line "honest child of feathered wings" and the perspective/description of the sun. A good image for me.