Pure Gold

Pure Gold

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Liner Notes: 

My first collaboration, hope it's ok just to post it? Not sure of the etiquette. @Adnama17 and I were matched in the random collab forum thread, I gave her the prompt "golden" and these are her lyrics. Hope the tune does em justice! There's a weird chord in the prechorus, idk.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/BNPxqsCIGVc


Faded curtains in the window
Dust on all the shelves
Dishes piled up in the sink
We've been kidding ourselves

All of this is plastic
Even the look upon my face
I can fake it 'til the cows come home
Get the hell out of my space

Where did the shine go?
We're dull and faded
The sparkle, the glow?
Everything's shaded

Pure gold doesn't tarnish
Too bad that's not what we've got
We've got a lot of junk mixed in
Some we've made and some we've brought

Pure gold doesn't corrode
It stays lush and warm and bright
But each day brings more pollution
No more golden, only night

All the polish in the world
Just adds kindling to the curse
More scrubbing and more scouring
Will just make the stinging worse

Not sure what we should do next
This fake routine is all I know
The only thing that matters now
Is that I've got to fix my flow



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Oh cool, glad to see both of you in this collab. I like the contrast between the glowing untarnished gold and the plastic expressions on these folks faces.

The pre-chorus to chorus build is great, nice flow to that really goes to a good place.

Scouring makes things worse. The junk piling up. Great images in the lyric, and the tune is well-composed and delivered by @3tdoan

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Lovely lyrics, and wonderful musical expression of them (bad grammar, sorry).
Great uke work here for sure.
Nice picking.
Yeah, I really like the feeling in these lyrics; nice details.
What a great song, especially considering that it was a random collab!

All round very good. Got so many elements. The gentleness at the start and that neat picking is great! Then that middle build. All surrounded by very nice lyrics. Very good collab.

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As far as etiquette goes, I always ask, usually the beginning. Some people like to be surprised. Some like to hear it first. I'm definitely in the surprise camp. I love waking up to a collab I wasn't expecting.
This is gorgeous! I like how each section is it's own mini-song, and they build on each other. And that prechorus!!! The chords are perfect, full of tension and frustration.
Super excited we got to collab! Any time, just hit me up!

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Great collab all from the one word, ‘golden’. I like the acoustic raw musical interpretation, in contrast with the pure gold.

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Oh that chorus melody... it's great. It brings out the lyric very well. I like the change from finger picking to strumming a lot. The second half of the first verse, 'All this plastic...' a lot, it's good. The pre-chorus builds nicely into that great chorus. An excellent start to the second verse as well.. I love that line. Yeah, this is a great argument for random collaborations.

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very good collab. 3tdoan really gets inside the lyric both in her music and vocal performance.

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I like how the slow simmer of the verse bursts into the energy of the pre-chorus and chorus. Both the lyrics and vocals seethe with frustration; and the solo uke is surprisingly intense. Swell collab!

The harmonic move from the pre chorus into the chorus is awesome. Great collab. Smile

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This has auch a nice flow. Great collaboration from both of you