I'm Under a Boil Water Order!

I'm Under a Boil Water Order!

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Liner Notes: 

Kind of tells my tale of woe. Smile


I'm Under a Boil Water Order!
© 2018 Cindy Prince

It sucks
Had a notice on my door

Boil water order like before

Boil water for 10 minutes
Don't drink from the tap
This is twice in one week
I'm getting tired of this crap

My wash!
My shower curtain is yuck

I'm bugged
Wanna say wtf?

They neglected to tell me
Don't wash your white clothes
Now they're a sickly yellow
With spots of ugly gold

Repeat chorus

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Ha ha thats funny. Once i worked for a water company and we knew how much people hated the rare for us boil water notice (due to ecoli). Good social commentary on a real issue.

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Sounds funny and I can imagine it as a fun song but when it is truly something you are living with it is not much fun unless you are camping in the mountains. I hope that that it gets fixed quickly and in the meantime I hope you have plenty of dark clothes!

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Funny write but not funny in real life and as I know it's real it makes me feel your pain. Very good lyrics Cindy.