Parlando di Grilli V.3

Parlando di Grilli V.3

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Looking this up, yes, I do hear crickets. Large and small ones. And crickets the size of buses. And stadiums.

I like how it builds like a transmission from a distant planet, becoming more and more all-encompassing. At first it's like a summer evening. Then the machines move in, and we know there is no hope. I listened at work, quite the productivity boost.

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Cool environmental sounds - love how it builds as if coming closer and closer... starting out like a peaceful meditative piece and then creating anticipation and a little anxiety as to what is coming...

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Yup, crickets; I did something similar to cricket sounds once upon a time.
Like a spaceship filled with insectoid aliens coming to take me away and feed me to their larval children.
This is the stuff of nightmares....
Reminds me of a David Lynch film...
Scary, but in a good way.
Great experiment here!
Well done!!