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Liner Notes: 

Song number 14. This didn't get much practice, it's been in the queue a while though, but only got it's chords yesterday. I wrote one version of this, then woke in the middle of the night, with a better version of the chorus, so it got written properly then, which may, or may not, explain all that religious imagery.

It's another angry song, I like them sometimes.


I'll be a better stranger
when I get to the white cross
and I'll watch the wind there
and I'll hear the wash
and as the sea breaks
hard against the shore
I'll feel the ghost walk
along the fallen city walls
and I won't need you any more


And you'll be forgotten
and I'll be for changing
and when I find forever
then you'll be forgiven

And I'll be a better loser
when I've left you behind me
and there'll be mighty angels
that'll make the sky sweeter
and the saviour will cry there
for the lost and the lonely
and I won't be with them
and there'll be no surrender
and just the willow will weep there

repeat chorus

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Nice and sad and soaked in natural beauty, and the religious imagery adds a gravitas to the proceedings. "Mighty angels that make the sky sweeter" is a wonderful line. As is "I'll feel the ghost walk along the fallen city walls." Performance reminds me a bit of Sandy Denny!

kahlo2013's picture

Lovely images! Very poetic lyrics. Beautiful gentle delivery. I love the insight and perspective the your present. Nice contrast between the vivid detail in the verses and the sparse concise powerful chorus. Well done!

billwhite51's picture

you certainly are breaking through into new areas. there is something very unsettling about this song. like the ghost of catherine at heathciffs windowt, asking to be allowed entry. i like the way your guitar parts are developing. this one taks some unusual harmonic steps in the middle of the second verse.

Jyllian's picture

I liked that whole part about being a better loser. I think this has a deeply melancholy feel - really excellent imagery.

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It's slow and sad and although there's anger in the lyrics, it's more the sadness and regret that comes across. You could also do this as a fast and furious snarling song, it'd work well that way too. (I mention this because the lyrics really, really match how I'm feeling right now, although the "you" of the lyrics is a multipel of things, bureaucrats and individuals!)