Blank Page

Blank Page

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Liner Notes: 

Roel says: Hey Deanna, I was finally able to upload a version that has many flaws, but I hope you like it anyway. Smile


No words hit the paper
Yet I have so much to say
But there’s no point
I keep it in
There’s nothing left to say

With all that’s on my mind
It should be easy to start
I guess my pride
Won’t let me write
The thoughts inside my heart

The blank page how it mocks me
A reminder of my strife
Silent are the words
Which swirl around my life
The blank page how it mocks me
A reminder of my pain
This inkless piece of paper
It’s driving me insane

No words on my paper
My demons I cannot slay
You’ll never know
How much it hurts
There’s nothing I can say

No matter what I write
You will never feel this way
I wish I could
Write magic words
That make you want to stay


The words I cannot write
In my head swirling around
Unspoken and so haunting
Their power keeps me bound


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This is a beautiful collaboration! The piano ballad with the soaring emotional vocals is perfect for these gorgeous lyrics.

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MmmmMMMMmmmm. Roel's piano and singing always get me. (yeah yeah, I know the flaws are there Roel, but it could always work up at leisure). Excellent setting for the frustrated and not-quite-despairing lyric. (You two should do more together!)

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I believe we are doing more together! Looking forward to that

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Another great setting for Deanna's lyrics. Some of your musical choices remind me of Peter Hammill (which is good in my book)