So Lost

So Lost

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Liner Notes: 

I loved musicsongwriters (Nadia) piano playing on here since i first heard it. Finally i got time to do a collaboration with her. Was tricky but a pleasure to try and put some lyrics and vocals to this lovely piano piece


Feeling lost feeling lost in this world
Waiting for someone like you
Wondering what I should do for now

My soul cries out cries out loud
Will this time ever come for me?
Will I ever feel the same way again?

It all seems such a lifetime ago
How it was before
Descended to the depths
Before we closed the door.
I still hold out some real hope
But it’s seeming less real
That things will ever change
In this life that I lead

Feeling lost so lost in this world
Still waiting for someone like you
Wondering what I should do for now

Just a distant memory
Of better times that past
Hanging on to those feelings
Thought that it would last
But I will never ever give up hope
Love oft finds a way
For someone like me
In this life

I’m so lost feeling lost in this world
Waiting for someone like you

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I made some coffee before commenting, and that opening hook (feeling lost, feeling lost...) kept running through my head. It's a really pretty/catchy musical phrase. This does sound like a tricky thing to add vocals to. The piano piece is already chock full of lovely melody. You did a great job of picking up pieces of that melody and adding your own. I really like the way you rephrase the opening line at the end

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Mark of a good collaboration where the lyrics came after the music: the lyrics and music are seamless. WHich this is. Lovely. Jonno the lyrics are great, and the vocal presentation draws the listener in to the hopeful melancholy. Good stuf, Nadia! Applause!

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This music is so sweet, love the lyric, it fits in really well, a really beautiful song, great collab!!

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There is no way this cannot be beautiful! I loved the music and now with these perfect lyrics... Great collab!

Great work, --that those words formed from the keys-melody; what we hear, think, feel from/with music.

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This is really gorgeous - a beautiful collaboration. The lyrics are really tender and and the soulful longing is palpable. The melody is perfect and the vocals and piano work so well together to create the perfect feeling for the sentiment.

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Such a lovely song. The music has wonderful peaks and valleys that the lyric turns into a song of longing. Nicely done!!

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Music and lyrics go well together, hand in hand, seamlessly. Both have a soft sadness in them that's very appealing. This sounds like a song from a musical or from a theatre piece. Great collab you two.

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It totally works. The piano provokes a feeling of loss and the heartbreaking lyrics to it are sung with deep emotion. Enjoyed your collab!

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Really nice work, has the feel of an old standard. Very haunting.

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lovely collab, lyrics suit the music perfectly, and lovely melancholy delivery, agree with all the comments so far - nice work both of you

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I, too, love Nadia's piano playing. Your smooth voice goes very well with the melancholic feel of the piece. And "Lost in this world" is a great phrase! Love the ending.

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It is HARD to lyric and melody up someone else's instrumental. But it's one of the things I love doing most in these challenges because it is so difficult. You feel quite victorious at the end!
I like the smokey jazz singer vibe. Tom Waits style! And man, can I relate to these lyrics. Sigh...
Good stuff all!

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@coolparadiso, you did a truly amazing job working your vocals and lyrics in and around @musicsongwriter’s equally incredible piano to create a collaboration that is wonderfully alive and tragically romantic. This has a splendidly organic feel that would be right at home in a dark club in the wee hours of the morning. Outstanding.

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Very nice. The piano playing is beautiful and the lyrics capture the mix of melancholy longing, and the lighter, more optimistic sounds in the music. The repetition in the “feeling lost, feeling lost” type lines works really well.

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Superb lyrics/vocals over such a sweer, mournful piano. What's not to love about this?