Rain Band

Rain Band

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 13. This took a while to get to a stage where I could record it, I'm still not happy with how it sounds, but it'll do for now, and it means I can move on, and do some other songs.


Felt the warmer day slowing down
and the rain band was coming along
you were wandering through the marsh
where the creek was wide and dark
and your hair was filtering silver
and you shone in the mystic light
so bright

Saw Sally by the bridge waving
to the world, she was a family girl
and it was all so well deserved
she said why didn't you just
follow me was all you had to do
but you're still here in this
wild land, waiting for the rain band

Here come the clouds dark, and they look
so old, and I can hear the thunder there
and I can feel the colder air
there's electric in the atmosphere
and your voice is calling out
but the birds aren't scared at all
they're everywhere

You said to me maybe if I'd met a better man
this low pressure wouldn't crush you so
and you'd never know you didn't know
me, and the water falls, the ground is wet
and it holds our limbs
and we watch the nests built and left
wild and empty, waiting for the rain band

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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Feels more upbeat than some of your other work! Not surprisingly, the lyrics are filled with poetry ("your hair was filtering silver," the nests "wild and empty") and mystery ("the ground is wet and it holds our limbs"). Really lovely! "The birds aren't scared at all/they're everywhere" sounds very inspirational to me.

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Lovely lyric about something so plain -- waiting for the rain band. But I can feel it, I can visualize the scene so well. There's a lot to like here, the dark clouds that look so old, the crushing low pressure, the person walking shining in the mystic light.

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i hear you breaking down the phrases in unusual ways, rolling out some melodic lies longerthn expected, , sometimes combining rather than breaking lines.

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The lyric and melody take me back to thinking of some pretty amazing folksingers. For me it works just as it is.