Why Don't I Let You Go?

Why Don't I Let You Go?

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Liner Notes: 

Could be a ballard or RNB song. Manly influenced by the boybands Westlife and Boyzone, also La Bouche Moment of Love.


Seeing you so far away
So far and wide away from me
What is the masterplan?
Is it all just a game
Is it all just a farce?
What is it with you?
What is it with me?
The game of love never does run smootly
The gain of trust
From woman to man
The force of love
Is a force to be reckoned with

Why don''t I let you go?
The reason is because I can't let you go
Because I love you
And I deserve you
Admire your detemation
Your honesty and loyalty
I'm eternally yours
Your eternally mine
Never not want to let you go

Reason behind seeing your smile
Reason of beauty
reason of truth
Seeing the truth and vision
Visions of are future
You and me hand in hand
Side by side
Visions of forever
Our love is forever

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