Stained and Holy

Stained and Holy

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama says this was born out of a group chat on the FAWM slack. I fit it to an acoustic folky capo on 5 sort of tune. Smile

Music by Peter Arvidson
Lyrics by Adnama17
Artwork by Sara Janda


Love need not be hindered by proximity,
Nor whitewashed in conformity.
Hung out to dry? I've the same sun too.
Spun in circles? Is it time we flew?

Love should not kill or hinder us violently,
Nor should it bleach our vibrancy.
Faded and torn, color is bleeding,
Stained and holy, desperately needing.

What are we going to do with all this love,
Warm and snuggly sent from above?
You are my hope, and my salve, my soap.
Done towing lines, walking this tight rope.

What are we going to do with the time left,
Is time like gold, ready for theft?
Separated, but here's the surprise,
Inside this life, our future's the prize.

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Seemed likely to be worth a listen with 2 quality 2018 perfomers and it was. Very nice. Straight in and hooked me. Very good.

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What a great collab guys! Love it - excellent line "inside this life, our future's the prize"

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Incredible collab! Great lyrics and matched so perfectly!

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Perfect. Intimate, passionate, hopeful vocal. I'm usually not a fan of the capo if I can help it, but it works aces here. I was worried the words would be too much, too dense, but you nailed it! Thank you so much!!!

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your guitar and vocal give a warm earthiness to the literary lyric. love the rhythm of the guitar pushing the passion in your voice

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I like the title a lot. Great message too, love should open things up not close them down. Interesting question, time is valuable, can it be stolen or hoarded?

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This musical treatment embodies the intensity and energy the lyric wants us to hold onto and respect in each other. Great strumming, ornamental lead, and vocals, all exuding vibrant life, all while keeping the preciseness of the lyrical style. I also liked the change to a more spacious/pensive mood with the last stanza before the repeat of the chorus.

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Brilliant! There's nothing in this song that I didn't like. Strange, as this isn't the sort of music I normally listen to... Just masterfully made, every step of the way - from the lyrics to the vocals to the guitar. All amazingly well done. Smile

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Love the guitar tone/playing, the dynamics in the single note over the strumming. The melody soars wonderfully over it. That lyric works very well. I like the weight of the lyric and how it so easily floats on that melody. This song has a quiet strength to it that builds nicely from the verse into the chorus where it kind of busts out and claims it's place.