Perspectives on Paint, Coffee, and Noodles or Something Else Entirely (DEMO added 8/13!)

Perspectives on Paint, Coffee, and Noodles or Something Else Entirely (DEMO added 8/13!)

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Liner Notes: 

This song idea was sparked by a brief conversarion I had with @helen about the color of one of her band's album covers

Liz says: Thanks to @edwn for picking this up and adding his awesome vocal delivery to bring these lyrics to rapid fire life! Fantastic! I especially love how he ended the demo!


went to the home store
needed to get some paint
but when I asked the clerk
he said "no, sorry mate"

"we don't have yellow
the color that you want
but here is a run down of
like colors we've got "

"we have butter, buttermilk,
butter cream, buttercup too
sunlight, sun kissed ivory,
or this sunshine might do..
there's lemon, lemon chiffon,
lemon zest, and cheesecake,
gold dust, gold leaf, canary,
moonbeam, saffron, pound cake"

went to the local grocery
to grab some food supplies
I asked "where's the noodles?"
got a pair of rolled eyes

then the clerk stared at me
her hands on her hips
and these are the words
that spewed across her lips

"well do you mean Asian, Italian,
locally made, organic, gluten free,
low carb, fresh, frozen, freeze dried,
dry, prepared ready to eat?
there's noodles in the freezer case
in deli and ethnic foods aisles
organic foods and generic sections"
and she never cracked a smile

went to a drive through
for a coffee before work
but the barista
was a pompous jerk

I asked for a small cup black
of whatever is their house
and these are the words that
flew right out of his mouth

"we have expresso, drip, pressed
perked, moka, seeped, cold brew
with beans from Columbia,
Guatemala, Uganda, Peru
then there's light roast, dark roast
and other roasts in between
decaffeinated, regular, double strong
what the hell does black house mean"

there is no big moral point
to this saga I've been through
but I've learned something
about choices, have you?
I live in a world of plenty
perhaps sometimes too much
I'm fine with a yellow kitchen
black coffee and noodle lunch

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You got that right! And with your amazing flair for words and creativity... brilliancy! And it made me smile really big!

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Great idea! I'm trying to imagine how this would go. Maybe like one of those talkin' blues songs Johnny Cash used to do, where he'd rap out a long list. Could be fun for somebody with the right skills

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haha yep with you on that one, nicely done, you picked some good examples, the coffee one always gets me when i try to order. still can't work out what the difference is between a latte and a flat white

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Biggrin It's all too much! One can so easily get distracted by all of those choices. RIght now I'm working on something in a similar direction - your way with words is so fluently.

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Hey, I had a go at it. It was fun Smile Great lyrics!

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That was fast! Great lyrics and hilarious delivery

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LMAO! I really want to know if Edwin suffered any tongue-craps while trying to sing these words... Liz did a fine job with the lyrics, but I think she was surprised that anyone would be crazy enough to rattle off these words at break-neck speed... and along comes Edwin and the rest is just a blur. LOL
Lovely song, even the blooper section.