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Liner Notes: 

LEO Blue, copyright 2018 ustaknow (alias)

-- The lyric fell on me end of day last night, 5 mins to write; then, this morning some word-smithing... it's tough w/o music unless have a melody to head-space sing it while writing, -- didn't with this.

So since things have slowed waaaaaaay down here, @5090_2018 -- I will put up lyric first again and work on a melody and etc.

=== === ===
Other for anyone interested while I feel like commenting it:
It 's "funny'... for some reason this was a "violent" jolt and not sure where from, it came... and then realised the "trigger" and the flashback was a series of mind movies that get head-space played; but, not in a mind-loop, thank God!

Then too more recently I realize/consider I have a "right" to consider/reconsider my past too, I was there, I did that job, -- and in a story, (not relevant to these lyrics an entirely different situation), -- hard to convey, things like this,
... "one night I was bought a beer by a fellow who (in an incident past), took way to much LSD and yet made it to the emergency room, where they (hospital staff), had to (and could) "trapped" him in the entry room (all doors got locked) until I came. Anyway, parts of the story hard for many to really "get" is "we" in that region all worked alone, -- unlike other parts of the country. So, with all that, -- and him (who knew me) swearing he'd shoot me with my own gun, -- I didn't shoot him and he was put away for a bit. I had a knack for talking folks into handcuffs, -- it was an admitted unusual "talent".

Anyway, one night in town he saw me, insisted on "buying me a beer" and just sat there and drank his while I stood and sipped (mostly thinking, -- being glad for always having my backup on me) ... and he thanked me for being able to arrest him since would have done life otherwise, killing someone that night. He knew I was leaving the area, (funny how plugged in the bad-guys are, aye), and wished I wouldn't since, -- "what would they have left", -- true. The other part of what he knew about me was with all surity, I'd've killed him w/o hesitation, if had too. "They" seemed to find that comforting since knew it would be "fair"... (yes, an unusual statement, to be sure). There, -- they just wanted to be killed, -- "fairly" (I got "yelled" at for not shooting, on occassion... again, yes, an unusual statement, to be sure). But anyway, all that, --another story. None of them like a "movie" since if handled well, would not be. But, now one is a lyric, and 2 - 6 others "here" may actually "like" it Crazy Music 2

-- gud'Nuff4me...


Living off rain, then snow
My brain wobbles slow
As I stare down, dark gun metal blue glow
I remember stark lights, killings and I'll pray for you slow

Like animals caged, and never fed
Last call could set it all in red
Pool sticks swung like great tree branches
Hitting racks of fruit baskets, spraying ceramic jewels bled

I felt stranded..., in life's a revolution
Carrying pails of life, like water, only thick blood
Ass, money and power, with no last meal comes the flood,

Fight, feed and sleep, we confused little sheep
Dodge and burn always makes a better heap
No matter how well life focused, it would all blure rinse repeat
And too good memories can't count, in the land of life's cheap


No, memories don't count, since never happened until bound
So you can't prove to anyone you ever took that trip down
But the ones who love you, they can and do see
If you're lucky they remind you, to not water those seeds

I always wondered who'd I be, if lived long enough, to just find me
I'm a little surprised but glad to see, the rows I've ploughed, with plenty to feed
And I can say well..., aloud..., I've got a good life wife now
She lays down life daily colors of purple pink green and blue,
No argument no strife, all things made right
She's red white and blue

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this is an orchard of a song. growing in many directions. it could be a rock and roll epic. what i would do, build a musical edifice and string the melody through like trails through a maze,

Man thats a story. Some wonderful flow. Ive seen books that tell less! . This could get very very interesting!