The African me

The African me

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Liner Notes: 

I can't really dance, but when I see African people dance I tend to think they understand life better than I do. Messing around making music for this song, that feeling washed over me in a way.



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I did find myself dancing around to this. Great job

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Instantly energized me. There's so much rich texture here, but flowing freely, I can't even comment properly. I want a whole album of this, is all.

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It's early here but I still want to dance. Great sound!

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this is a terrific dance track, but i found it more Latin than African,

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There are so many great noises packed in here.
Nice liner notes, too; yeah, I think that some cultures are more in touch with the joyful nature of life.
Unfortunately we in the West are not.
But yes, you've captured that feeling perfectly in this track.
Great job!!

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Listened on headphones, and there is so much going on -- the weird roaring sounds, cool and melodic bass lines, a bit of singing, keys, and, of course, lots of psychedelic guitar. Enjoyed much!

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Not sure what culture this reminds me of (perhaps none in particular?) but I liked it. Nice energy, and interesting sounds. Nice one!

Smack straight in! Great. Im starting to pick a bit of your style now and i like it, youll probably change to throw me now Really enjoyable

fresh spotless youth's picture've got something cool going on here...something different...but with trademark Ferry guitar. I'd love to know how you did a lot of this. Almost makes me try to rap

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I can hear the African influences in the percussions and strange human sounds but it's more like northern Africa, not the more well known, heh, Paul Simon Africa ( happy sunshine south-African dance music ). There's more mystery and magic in this. Some of the fast rhythms sound like Indian tabla players "saying" the rhythms out loud. Great piece of music and production. Again. Smile

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Love the bass, lots of engaging and interesting sounds and details throughout the song. Cool track.

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Gorgeous track, energetic, happy, positive, inspiring and cinematic and theatrical. Can work in countless settings beautifully.

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Outstanding work Ferry! Your music takes a non- western turn here, and I like it. Throbbing bass keeps it all grounded. I hope you do more of these.