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Liner Notes: 

TC sent me lyrics and it inspired me to make an indie dream pop type song. The vocals are a little softer here than my usually more punchy mids.

Music by Peter Arvidson
Lyrics co-written by TCelliot
Art by Sara Janda


You whisper secrets to the clouds
Your words cut deeper than they sound
And now as I stargaze indoors
I can't quite pinpoint where they are

You stare off toward horizons
I'll keep my distance from your swords
Careful and silent
I watch your thunderstorm take form

What's with your static?
Fixed in place, a statue smile
Why wont we end it?
Things are fine, but nothing's right

They say these pills
Might have some side effects on you
Now you stare out the window
Last time I checked, you hadn't moved

It kills to be part of your past
But I can't see the stars where you're at
And now I think we both can say
With relief we didn't last

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I actually really like the production on this track. It has a nice groove to it, and I love the punch of the percussion. My only critique as of now is that I believe the vocal delivery could have been more punchy, as well. Maybe just a bit more conviction behind the vocals. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!

Excellent colabt. Great production and a really catchy tune!

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I love this - music, lyrics, vocals - perfect collab!

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i like the song very much, but am not so keen on the synth ounds.

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I love the backwards intro.
Super well constructed and produced.
Nice mix.
So catchy.
This is definitely not a genre I listen to very much, but I certainly enjoyed this for sure.
Great vocal work.
Really well done, folks!!

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What a super collab. Love the vocals. My head is nodding. I think the synths are fine.

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I also enjoyed this a lot. I like the vocals and the synths - perfect pop sound, in my opinion. Well produced. Nice collab!

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An indie anthem if ever there was one. I especially like the line "But I can't see the stars where you're at". So very true for me. It's getting so old. Sigh...
Just when I think I know what's next, nope. I dig a musical adventure where my ears are kept on their toes.
Good job all!

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mmm, I like this one a lot, the repeated chord sequence and alternation vocal/nonvocal. Reminds me of the more pop-oriented Mike Oldfield, where's Barry Palmer? On which point, this is good production (for 5090) but when you come to tweak it further, give the voice a bit more body...? there a download button??

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Such a different approach to pain, I like it you voice is so smooth nd flows effortlessly through the melody. Simply a joy.

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Slightly reminded of Oasis (Thats ment as a compliment) Great and modern classic piece. Super vox

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Nice song. Really enjoyed the vocal and upbeat tempo. Felt modern and classic.

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Love the one two punch of the guitars/drums. The vocals soar with T.C.’s whirlwind story. Yeah,it’s pop, but what’s wrong with that? Enjoyed my listen.

Yes, great groove, production, vocal orchestration. Very relatable lyrics, "It kills to be part of your past
But I can't see the stars where you're at" -- many have been there.