They Had a Toilet in Their Yard!

They Had a Toilet in Their Yard!

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, so I will write about anything! Biggrin Saw a perfectly good toilet in someone's yard this morning and being the oddball that I am, I had to write about it! Needs some funny music.


They Had a Toilet in Their Yard!
© 2018 Cindy Prince

Driving by on the way to church
I did a double-take
Stretched out my neck to my left
Wasn't sure what to make of it

On the grass, near some petunias
Was a privy shining white
It's not every day up in the city
You are apt to see such a sight

They had a toilet in their yard
Didn't look like it was a discard
But was right there on the boulevard
They had a toilet in their yard!

Being the word nerd that I am
Other terms came to mind
Potty, throne, can, commode
Porcelain, John, loo in kind

It was smack in the yard's middle
Not for the trashman by the curb
Maybe next time that I drive by
There'll be a sign saying, "do not disturb"

Repeat chorus

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Love it! And yes, not every day you see that. Godd use of the outside world to inspire some fun writing

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Say what?? Why on earth! Maybe it will be a plantar!