So Hot

So Hot

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by the skirmish prompt, I went on a rhyming expedition that had me following several roads at once that didn't connect, answering the question "How hot is it?" I managed to whittle it back down to a much leaner lyric by the end of the hour. I wasn't excited to post it as a lyric, but I decided to go ahead and give it music, and that has taken me way past the hour.


so hot……
so hot……
so hot……

it’s so hot that your hair uncurls
sweat beads like pearls, leaving salty swirls

it’s so hot that the flowers droop
an ice cream scoop quickly turns to soup

so hot……
so hot……
so hot……

it’s so hot we leave the city for the mountains
those who don’t have cars opt for wading in the fountain

it’s so hot that a saint could lose their temper
the savage beast can barely make a whimper

so hot……
so hot……
so hot……

it’s so hot, we don’t feel like ourselves
we are frogs in a boiling pot who know the fate it spells

so hot……
so hot……
so hot……

we want it to stop
the mercury must drop
we just ran out of pop
and it’s too far to the shop

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Delightful song, I'm not sure you are not enjoying the hot temperature, at leasr sounds like you do, a lot! Loving your lyrics, music, playing, singing and harmonisation. Gorgeous vocals. So soft, gentle, feel like you were smiling throughout your recording. I'm smiling here listening to your beautiful song.

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I really enjoyed this. Your brief comments make their points with great economy. Then the repeated refrain sets us up for the next one. Really good work on this. Hey, I'm always late so not to worry about that. It's Sunday, shut the clock off. Wink

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Witty, fun lyrics - and really nice music and singing. As Nadia said - a delightful song!

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Tremendous mellow, laid-back-folksy feel, and wonderful harmonies; it's a delightfully refreshing breeze of a song that blows the stuffiness away. I have a big smile from listening; it's just so utterly charming. Well worth the time you spent on it!

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Wow, Barbara, your vocals and harmonies are absolutely splendid here - rich and warm and clear! Love the vivid images that describe the heat. The melody flows so smoothly and gorgeously. Beautiful skirmish!

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This is wonderful! Love the vocals and the strum of the guitar

Lovely mellow song. Awesome harmonies and great overall delivery

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Nice vocal and melody. Lyrics are cool and good imagery. Works well. Nice.

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love the harmonies. some lovely images, esp the frogs! and great rhymes too

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I never finish skirmishes in an hour, so you're excused Smile

What fun and playful rhymes you've got going here! I love your folky sound, too. Could almost work as a children's song, though your laid-back and wistful delivery keeps it from becoming too comical. Well done!

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That opening guitar riff is really open and cool. I think you're maybe in Atlanta, and I know that heat. I know it well from college in Athens with no AC in the summer. Window fans. Yes, a saint could lose temper, I like that line. We don't feel like ourselves, maybe losing your cool in more than one way. That chorus is beautiful and holds it all together. (Just ran out of pop, though, maybe you're not a native of Atlanta. Just ran out of coke -- generic for all carbonated beverages.)

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Youre in good voice Barbaly. Good example of "less is better" You ended up with a very good title--it coulld go several ways and still work. All round good job

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Ice cream soup is a great image and perfect, too. Your sweet vocals (and I especially like the doubled vox) kind of lie to me a bit here. I mean it's a hot and and I'm angry and here you are soothing me with your complaint. But in the end I can't be mad because it does make me feel better. How you do it, I don't know. But it was *cough* cool *cough* to hear.

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I do so love to hear your voice, but it's even better with harmonies. Quite a nice job with the lyrics. I like the way you've woven the rhymes around 'so hot'.

Are you sure you haven't been to Florida lately. The have been more than a few days that the thermometer in my car has been 110 or more. So hhot...

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Wonderfully syncopated guitar, with those dissonant chords! Ditto on the ice cream soup and frogs in a pot references too. Your always delightful vocals find their place right away here, and then evolve into a fantastic break down at the end. Lots to love here!

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Sounds like perfect weather to me! Is it humid too??? Good Lord, I hope so! Wink
I like the folks in the fountain. That's a fun picture in my head. They might get crazy looks, but who cares?!

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Can I say this is a warm song sung warmly? With a warm voice? and a lovely warm (?)uke (?)tenor guitar? Guess not. Okay, then I'll say your vocal harmonies are lovely as always. And there's a sweetly witty feel to the lyrics.

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So good - I really spent some time this week in the mountains to escape the Heat (which has dropped now)

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I know that feeling! Those long vocal lines convey the way everyone talks slower in the heat. I definitely get the saint/temper line! Hair uncurls, though? Not mine! Love the guitar and harmonies. The chanting at the end is adorable.