Tall Mint Julep

Tall Mint Julep

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Liner Notes: 

Lot of songs with "So Hot" title. I remember playing one by Kool and The Gang, late 70's on the road in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Anyway, I like heat so this was a fun one. A bit later think I'll do what the song says. Ah Southern life!

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Tall Mint Julep

When I woke up this mornin'
Temp was pushin' 105
I heard the weather warnin'
It's a fine day to be alive
That big ol' sun was beatin' down
Bringin' on the heat
Shoes off walkin' on the ground
Burnin' my bare feet

It's so hot
My corn is growin' eight feet tall
So hot
Afraid I'm 'bout to hit the wall
So hot
Time to say come on y'all
Let's sit here on the porch
With a tall mint julep

Now you might feel like layin' low
Might even wish for rain
But in winter time when the cold winds blow
You'll yearn to see the sun again
You'll sit beside the fire
Try to warm your feet
How good it would feel if you could perspire
Swimmin' through the heat.


Mint and sugar and ice is nice
Some bourbon from up the road
We grow that corn on a sunny morn
Distill it and watch it flow


Let's sit here on the porch
With a tall mint julep

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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I like how (to me at least) the verses feel intense, like the oppressive heat, and then the chorus seems a but more relaxed and light refreshing. It's a great example of the musical structure following the lyrics. And I can definitely see myself kicking back on my porch with a cool drink while listening to this song on a sweltering day and watching the bees and bugs struggle to flit by. Smile

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Very catchy song. So wonderful to listen to. Even if it's so hot. I can imagine it all so well. Gorgeous story and delivery.

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So vivid! Burning my bare feet, ouch!! I like the way your lyric embraces the pluses and minuses of the heat. Your guitar strumming is so expressive and dynamic, shifting to fit the meaning of each part. Love the spoken ending!

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You really captured the flavor of a hot summer day. Have never had a mint julep - but your song makes me wanna have one!

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You paint a picture in words and music. I also like the chords you've chosen and strumming pattern fits the song perfectly

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Love the rhythm to this. Could easily be remixed with great production. But works just as well simple and with great lyrics and storytelling.

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I like the lyrics in your chorus, especially! That "Time to say come on y'all..." has such a nice sound here.