So Hot

So Hot

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Liner Notes: 

Done for the "So Hot" skirmish. This needs work, even though I've already gone ten minutes over, but I do like it, so skirmish mission accomplished. Smile

Largely done (except for for some post-processing) with Korg's Gadget app.

I realize now the opening sounds a bit like DEVO's "Working in a Coal Mine" cover, but that's not (consciously) intentional. Biggrin


So Hot
(c) 2018 Odilon Green


I go to the movie
On my own
I don’t have many friends
No one back at home

It’s the superhero flick
I’ve been waiting for
Discussing hour after hour
On the internet boards

I get a popcorn with butter
Though my belt’s already tight
And I’m walking towards the theater
When into my sight

Comes a lady whose appearance
Makes my heart come to a stop
She’s really very cute
But her t-shirt is so hot


It has that woman from that show
That one we all know
Where she kicks all the ass
Raining down blow after blow

She’s posed on the shirt
Strong and alert
I know she’s made of cloth
But she’s so sexy it hurts


The lady sees me staring
Then looks away
She steals another glance
And I turn red in dismay

I didn’t mean to stare or
Act like a creep
I start to walk away
WIth nary a peep

But she comes up to me
And asks me my name
Then points to my shirt
Without a flicker of shame

She says she likes what I’m wearing
Loves the character a lot
It’s the best thing on TV
And my t-shirt is so hot


It has that guy from that show
That one we all know
Where he kicks all the ass
Raining down blow after blow

He’s posed on the shirt
Strong and alert
She knows he’s made of cloth
But he’s so sexy it hurts


Would you like to sit together
At the movie
You would? I mean, that’s great
Is it hot in here? I’m getting all sweaty.

And now

We’re like that couple from that show
That one we all know
Where they kick all the ass
Raining down blow after blow

They’re posed on our shirts
So hot and alert
And though we are not models
We feel so sexy it hurts

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tcelliott's picture

Great take on the title. I love how you used that chorus... writing the verses from different points of view and the happy ending. You had me smiling at the new friends finding common ground.

kahlo2013's picture

This is awesome! Love the flip perspective and the match it made to light a fiery romance! Funny sense of attraction to a character within or beyond the character and the personification. Delightful tune!

musicsongwriter's picture

You have amazing fantasy. Fascinating story and delivery and very cool take on skirmish. Delightful listen, as always.

JWHanberry's picture

Very tight lyrically and musically. The story moves along keeping us guessing where it's going. You stayed right on target so the chorus works with each verse. Amazing for a skirmish. Good job my friend.

AprilM's picture

This is awesome! Excellent writing. Perfect story telling

corinne54's picture

This is so delightful and fun, lyrically and musically!

barbara's picture

What a genius concept for a love-story. Plus your music had me dancing around my kitchen. Devo-ish? Maybe. A bit B-52's? That too. But you are such a unique humorist! This made me grin, especially "I know she's made of cloth / But she's so sexy it hurts".

spirulence's picture

You tell great stories. Little twists and turns everywhere. This one in particular reminds me of a Freezepop song - Panthers! - that I think you would enjoy.

cleanshoes's picture

Ha! A great (nerdy) take on this prompt! A non-traditional but sweet love story with lots of clever lines and subtle twists to keep the listener engaged. Impressed that you were able to come up with all this during a skirmish!

Fuzzy's picture

Well you can't go wrong with DEVO.
A hilarious and perfectly rendered slice of T-shirt nerd culture.
I always love your stuff, man.
As I have said before, I'd like to hear an instrumental from you; your backing tracks are so awesome but are sometimes overshadowed by your (equally awesome) vocals.
Your music needs to shine, dude.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really clever and catchy. Love the retro keyboard and the overall nerdy feel. "I’m getting all sweaty" made me laugh for some reason!

cblack's picture

Nice song. I can definitely relate to nerd love. Nice one! Biggrin

katpiercemusic's picture

Ha! This is fantastic! What a great perspective. I didn't expect it to go in the direction it did, and I always love to be surprised!

wobbie wobbit's picture

i like the idea of t-shirts falling in love, or as you have it here being attracted to the characters on tshirts. nice how the roles are reversed. clever write especially for a skirmish! not so much a case of being too sexy for my shirt as my shirt being too sexy for me Wink

nancyrost's picture

This is so funny-because-it's-true and weirdly endearing. The music strikes just the right tone.