Last Night

Last Night

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Liner Notes: 

I'm a bit late to the party, so I figured I'd start with something extremely simple.


Last night I saw you left the light on
If I keep the window shut he won't hear me singing
Goddamn I hope you understand
Goddamn I don't think you understand

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I played it on soundcloud so heard the others there too. So I am collating this warm up with that.
-- I like the diminished dissonance in the modulations. I don't hear that often, --it works for me. I had other, but, hey, no rush. Crazy Music 2

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Nice jazzy song. Simple but stunning. Great job

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The repetition kind of invokes the blues. I really like the dissonance. Also good job with just two chords. One of my favorite Pete Seeger stories was when an interviewer was razzing him about folk music only having 3 chords and Pete corrected "The really GOOD folk music only has 2 chords!"

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Really cool vocals, and the two-chord approach works well ... sounds very avant-garde. With its dark and foreboding feel, it reminds me a bit of cabaret punk like the Dresden Dolls. More, please!

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Very cool soundscape, intentional or not -- the guitar is upfront, the vocal sounds like it's in a small empty room. Intense story, two people connected but the whole thing is broken. FWIW, I might have tried to pick either "you" or "he", who I assume is the same person. But cool tune regardless.