Lighten Up

Lighten Up

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Liner Notes: 

couldn't think of a way to start OR end this one, I'm embarrassed to say...
Just a bouncy, junky, loose little jazzy tune.
Was fun to make.

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I like how the vocal statement repeats with the playful music. Kind of like cheering someone up. There's lots of cool things happening. A fun listen!

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I like the ending, it worked very well for me. The beginning works as well, but I could see how you might want a different lead in. If it were me I would have just simply had the organ play the intro three chord progression one more time without the rhythm, but it's a lazy way of doing things, I guess. And I really dig how you can take a vocal sample and build a cool track. Or I guess, how you can incorporate a vocal sample, make it cool, on an otherwise still cool track in order to make it better.

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This track made me smile.
A nice little track you got here - lots of interesting sounds going on!
Well done!

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Cool sounds! Like the vibe! Has a great easy going jazzy feel that makes me smile!

This one made me laugh. I really needed this today especially today. Thank you so much. Good song.