The Stars Are Crying Too

The Stars Are Crying Too

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Liner Notes: 

The title is just one of the ideas what my music is about. To me it's sad, to someone else it might feel different. Please kindly share with me your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Happy to collaborate on another version if you feel potential. Please let me know. Thank you for listening.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very evocative piece, Nadia. I like it and it does have a sad sort of feel to it.

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Another tender and sort of sad one. You are so talented!

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Loved it! This sounds sort of like something I'd come up with myself, so I'm biased, but I found this to be a very evocative song, for sure. To me, it didn't sound sad as such... More like the sort of music you'd hear at the beginning of time. Like it's mapping out someone's (or everyone's?) fate - that underlying current that everything will be alright, even if the music suggests that things won't be all roses and sunshine. Anyway, that's just what it suggested to me. Smile

Nice one! Keep 'em coming! Biggrin

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Beautiful use of effects to help create the sentiment and feel of the stars above. The staccato notes feel like the image of a night sky with thousoands of stars. Gorgeous!

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Lovely evocative piece, definitely conjuring the image of stars out there in the loneliness of space.