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Liner Notes: 

this started out as just playing around with a completely different vocal sample. i played some piano and added the little background vox you hear, and then decided to scrap the original vox sample.
I liked what was left so I made it song number whatever this one is.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Floaty and sweet with a melancholy undercurrent, what's not to like? Clever use of the choral patch. Almost Enya-esque, and indeed there's a Celtic feel to all of this. The more I hear the more I like. Two non-related comments (pleas) #1 Go into EDIT mode in 5090 , click the WEB tab the re-enter the URL and it will paly on the actual 5090 page. #2 in Soundcloud go into edit, go to the PERMISSIONS tab and enable downloads. Then I can download it! Which is what I want to do.

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Ooh...this is messing with my ears...love the female chorus...wanted more! more! And then the piano - lovely beyond words.

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Another track with good texture. I, too, like that female chorus. It's cool to hear what you do with those vocal samples. Thanks for dropping a line and letting me know about your technique. I do appreciate that.

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The piano mixes well with that bass beat. I like it! Nice atmospheric piece of mood music, if you ask me. Well done! Smile

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Oh goodie! now I can/have downloaded it! (but it won't get lost in people's systems if you include your name and the song name in the file name!!! not just the metadata. eg splittybooms-if-8-3-18alt.wav )