Where Are You

Where Are You

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Liner Notes: 

The ONLY reason I put these vocals on here is because I finally got my mic working again with my PC. I do not sing, do not claim to know how to sing, do not claim to have any kind of potential FOR singing!
Disclaimer over.
I also wanted to try a more traditional piece of music..but....i still ended up pouring some ambient sauce all over it anyway. Ohwellz
I won't say what the song is about, because I truly enjoy reading what people feel when they hear stuff.


Where are you?
Tell me.
Where are you?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Good vocal effort for someone who claims not to sing. The vocals suit the downtempo nature of the music perfectly and help create a very moody and engrossing atmosphere. Highly enjoyable listen.

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First of all, I really like this. The simple piano chords on the quarter notes make a sort of hypnotic groove over which you add that sweet piano riffage. The vocal totally works, adding quiet emotion to the piece, and you should sing all the time.

[Before I started fawming, I literally could not sing, inasmuch as I couldn't hear melody in my head. Even simple and ubiquitous melodies like Mary Had a Little Lamb slipped out of my grasp. But when I started writing songs, everything changed. I like to sing now. You should sing more. You don't need to "know" anything. You need to feel something, as you seem to do here.

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Nice piano. And I have to agree with @fresh spotless youth - singing is about emotion, rather than doing it "properly". Let those emotions out, and the vocals will improve. Easier said than done, I know, but if you want to work on your singing, emotions are the place to start. Smile

Anyway, I enjoyed this piece. Nice one! Biggrin