Voluntary confinement

Voluntary confinement

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Voluntary Confinement


Liner Notes: 

A cute piece of poetry


I need to wake up
I’ve got to break out
Imprisoned again
By sorrow and doubt

Kicking the walls
Penning me in
Constantly trapped
Inside my own skin

Locked up for life
In dark Solitary
There is no escape
When it’s voluntary

Judge, I plead guilty
For my own behaviour
I don’t deserve pity
So I wouldn’t blame ya

Sentence and cuff me
With no hope of parole
Read me my rights
And throw me in the hole

These bars made of steel
No stronger than paper
But I stand behind them
Where I feel safer

Because if I’m freed
Then what’s my excuse?
Out in the big world
I’d still be a recluse

I need to wake up
I’ve got to break out
Imprisoned forever
By sorrow and doubt

Building up walls
To keep me hemmed in
Constantly trapped
Letting no one else in.

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Super insightful. Love the metaphor. You are an excellent lyricist!

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Great lyrics! I especially love There is no escape when it's voluntary. Great!

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Tremendous lyrics right from the start. I’ll have to check out some more of your work!