Lonely Days At The Back Of The Lot

Lonely Days At The Back Of The Lot

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Liner Notes: 

Noodling around for a second song in open slack G tuning. Went up the neck on my old starter bad intonation Silvertone so apologies to those of you who hear perfect pitches. Found a little fingerstyle melody and thinking it felt like loneliness if a car had feelings and sat unwanted on a car lot for a long time. I haven't done many instrumentals lately but this one feels good to me as-is. Will see how I feel about it later.


Lonely Days At The Back Of The Lot
Slack open G tuning GGDGBD
G5 - ooo78o; Em7 - o9(10)ooo; Gadd9 - o77ooo; G7add11 - o55ooo; G6 - o44ooo; G6add9 - o22ooo; G - oooooo
Instrumental for now

Verse repeat G5 Em7

Bridge Gadd9 G7add11 G6 G6add9 G


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Sweet meandering tune, with the occasional WHANG off the bass string. I like the descending line around the middle.

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I really like the peaceful feel with the loud thwack of the low strings occasionally adding some spice. Good stuff!

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This has a relaxing feel to it. It kind of climbs around and I can envision a scene of seagulls and boats and waves crashing...and I like how it climbs downward about halfway thru too.

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I agree with others, there's a peacefulness to this. I find myself humming a gentle melody over the top of it, and when I try to imagine what words it might hold, there's nothing but acceptance that comes to mind. It's lovely, even if it is lonely.

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I feel bad for that sad neglected car.
Great meditative piece.
There's a certain sadness here, but I also detect a bit of hopefulness, as if the vehicle is SURE someone is going to fall in love with it and set about restoring it.
Really nice!

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nice tune. i like that tuning. stand up's WHANG is a good word for it Smile