New Adventure

New Adventure

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Liner Notes: 

I was reading an article in Acoustic Guitar magazine about an early Leo Kottke song "Ice Miner" in a slack open G tuning (6th string is one octave lower than the 5th) so I put an old Silvertone with high action into that tuning to not get fret buzz. Then noodled around until I found the chorus riff, which I really like. I may revisit the verses and bridge later.


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New Adventure
Slack open G tuning GGDGBD
G5 - xxxo35; Gmaj7no3rd - xxxo34; C2/G - xxxo3o; A7 - o22222; G - oooooo;

New ad ven ture
I want a New ad ven ture
New ad ven ture
I want a New ad ven ture

Verse 1
Tired of the gasoline slide
exhaling excess carbon dioxide
Looking for a new ride
Clean and quiet

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
I hop in for a test drive
Ragtop back hair flies
Acceleration is a surprise
It only took eight months to lease not buy (Louie)

Repeat chorus

An S is sky high
Focus, B class, and Soll just for compliance
Bolts and Leafs are elusive at best
Who new Smart for two would stand out from the rest

Repeat chorus

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This is great. It's turns rocknroll on it's head while using it's many tricks and devices to do so. It sounds like a 60s punk song, and the desire for a new adventure is a massively important part of the culture, and it sounds great. Then slowly I realised this new adventure was a two seater smart car. What better way to both celebrate and destroy the myth.

Beautifully done, it's great.

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quirky variation on the cool car song. i like all the effects,