I Didn't Know (I Needed an ID)

I Didn't Know (I Needed an ID)

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Well you gotta know I had to write about Trump's latest! Who knew we needed an ID to shop? Anyone want to pick this up? I hope so.


I Didn't Know (I Needed an I.D.)
© 2018 Cindy Prince

The president said it
So you know it must be true
I didn't know I needed an ID to shop, did you?

Oh wise one told us
So we should take it to heart
I didn't know I needed a ID to push a grocerty cart

News to you, news to me
We can't shop without an ID
Does it have to have a photo?
Is that how they do it in Moscow?
Do you need two for a shopping spree?

The great man voiced it
So we had better take heed
I wasn't very prepared when I went to the A & P

The big cheese said it
Seems he knew it all the while
You best have an ID when you shop that grocery aisle

Repeat chorus

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Ha! Personally, I think he accidentally let slip some future nefarious Bond Villain scheme he's planning. These lyrics are a lot of fun, and a little cathartic. I'd love to see you work in a line about the "Big Cheese" and the price of brie.

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Trump is such an asshole. That man says whatever craziness pops into his mind without a filter, and it doesn't matter if it's anywhere close to the truth. This is appropriately silly.

atitlan's picture

Trump - bad for the country; good for political lyrics! This manages to be fun and serious at the same time - like the reference to Moscow in the chorus.

Jibbidy34's picture

Haha - really?! Whatever next? He is a buffoon isn't he. Biggrin This is a great write - love those clever rhymes and the humour sewn throughout!

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I knew about online shopping....I had no ID ea